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The Halliwell Family was created by Brad Kern for the hit tv-series Charmed. However, all traits in Blessed belong to Matt.

The Halliwell Family are a family of originally mortal-people, but are currently the modern-day descendants of the Warren Line, via Penelope Halliwell. The earliest known Halliwell is Allen Halliwell.

The magical beings in the family are powerful for many reasons, including the fact that they are bonded as a family. The Halliwell line also honors the Warren tradition of having names that begin with the letter "P". This tradition started with Penelope's introduction into the family. Prior to that, the children were often named after their parents or grandparents.


The Halliwell family are descendants of the Warren Line, however, the Warren name ended decades ago. The Halliwell name appeared for the first time with Allen Halliwell. Allen married Penelope Johnson and she took his last name. Allen and Penny had one child together, Patricia Halliwell. Unfortunately, Allen died several years later leaving Penelope widowed. Despite her future marriages, she never changed her name from Halliwell.

From the time her daughter Patricia was a young girl, Penelope told her that if she were to ever marry, she should keep her last name of Halliwell. Patricia stayed true to her mother and her own beliefs, and kept the name Halliwell after her marriage to Victor Bennett and gave the last name Halliwell to her first three children, PrudencePiper, and Phoebe Halliwell. Her fourth and final child, Paige Matthews is the only exception to this tradition as she was adopted out of the family after her birth. After Penelope and Patricia's respective deaths, the Halliwell line continued with Patricia's four daughters.

Prudence, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell were raised by their Grandmother Penelope Halliwell in Patricia's childhood home of the Halliwell Manor. Throughout their childhood life the existence of magic was hidden from them by Penelope in an attempt to protect them. Eventually, they each moved out of the Manor and into their own homes. After Penelope fell sick with a heart condition, Prudence and Piper moved back to the manor and helped Penelope until her death in 1999. Shortly after Penelope's death, Phoebe left for New York in search of her father, Victor Bennett. In the midst of her search, she met and fell in love with Clay Muniz. The two conceived a son together, Pyper Muniz-Halliwell, and wouldn't meet his mother or gain his powers until many years later. After Pip's birth, Phoebe left New York due to having no job and in debt. She left Pip with Clay and moved back into the Manor with her sisters, which lead to the discovery of them being  witches and earning their powers. The three sisters then became the Charmed Ones and entered a three-year journey of fighting demons and evil beings together. During this time, Piper found love in her Whitelighter Leo Wyatt, and the two married. Phoebe also found love in a Half-Demon named Cole Turner.

The sisters' battle ended after Prue was killed by the demon Shax, and seemingly ended the Charmed Ones. After Prue's death, Piper and Phoebe discovered the existence of Paige Matthews who intrigued them due to her hybrid status of being a witch who possessed the ability to orb. After summoning their Grandmother Penelope Halliwell and their mother Patricia Halliwell, they discovered a well-kept secret -- that they have a half-sister, the daughter of Patricia and her Whitelighter Sam Wilder, and the child is none other then Paige. Because of Paige's existence, the Power of Three still exists. Paige was adopted out of the family in an attempt to hide their daughter from the Elders and because of this Paige never knew about her family lineage. Piper and Phoebe tracked the girl down and told her the truth, but Paige initially didn't believe her sisters. However, she later came around and allowed them to tell her about her biological lineage. After a few months, Piper and Phoebe invited Paige to move into the Halliwell Manor with them so they could live together as both sisters and witches. Paige accepted, and moved into Prue's old room. Together, the three sisters began to fight evil and many demonic beings together for five more years.

Within this five years, Piper gave birth to her and Leo's three children, Wyatt, a Twice Blessed Child and Whitelighter-WitchChris, a Whitelighter-Witch and Melinda Halliwell, a Witch. Phoebe also became pregnant with her and Cole Turner's first child, however, she never birthed the child as she discovered it would also be the child of the Source of All Evil, and was forced to vanquish the Seer after she stole the baby. However, unbeknownst to anyone, the child (who was named Colvin) survived the vanquish and was transported into the womb of family friend, Jenny Gordon. She birthed Colvin and it was revealed that he became the Source, after a colleague aged him to an age where he could make own decisions. Phoebe vanquished Cole after divorcing him and later on fell in love with a Cupid named Coop. The two married and had three daughters, P.J.Parker and Brianna Halliwell. Paige married a mortal named Henry Mitchell and moved in with her new husband before giving birth to twin girls, Tamora and Kat Mitchell. Paige and Henry also adopted a third child, a boy, who they named Henry Mitchell Junior. Henry Jr. would later be given powers to fight evil along side his family.

In 2015, Pyper Muniz-Halliwell left his father and traveled to San Francisco, in search of his mother. He arrived on the doorstep of the Manor and meets his Aunt Piper Halliwell. She invited him into the Manor where he meets his Uncle Leo. Piper called Phoebe and when she arrives, she is embraced by her long-lost son. Unfortunately she has a premonition of the Dominus Trinus spell and some creature awakening. Its revealed that Pip is a witch and would receive powers, and would (in Blinded By The Grimlock) lead a trio of witches known as the Blessed Ones.

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Notable Allies

The Halliwell family are allies with a number of good magical beings and even some humans. Below is a list of their most notable allies. Please note that not all are listed, and not all should be listed.

  • Billie Jenkins (off/on)

Notable Enemies



  • Juno (defeated)
  • The First Source of All Evil (defeated)
  • The Seer (defeated)
  • Matthew Tate (defeated)
  • Cole Turner/Belthazor (defeated)
  • Zankou (defeated)
  • The Triad (defeated)
  • Abraxas (defeated)
  • Gideon (defeated)
  • Barbas (defeated)
  • Christy Jenkins (defeated)



The Halliwell Family own a decent amount of items, both magical and non-magical. List is to be expanded.


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