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Halliwell Family
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Status: Extant
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Notable Members:
  • Mitchell Family (via Paige)
  • Bennett Family (via Patty)
  • Wilder Family (via Patty)
  • Muniz Family (via Pip)
  • Turner Family (via Colvin)
  • Gordon Family (via Colvin)
  • The Warren Line (ancestors; via Penny)
  • Matthews Family (via Paige)
  • Coop's Family (via Phoebe)
  • Johnson Family (via Penny)
  • Wyatt Family (via Piper)
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Alignment: Good

The Halliwell Family are a family of originally mortal-people, but are currently the modern-day descendants of the Warren Line, via Penelope Halliwell. The earliest known Halliwell is Allen Halliwell.

The magical beings in the family are powerful for many reasons, including the fact that they are bonded as a family. The Halliwell line also honors the Warren tradition of having names that begin with the letter "P". This tradition started with Penelope's introduction into the family. Prior to that, the children were often named after their parents or grandparents.


The Halliwell family are descendants of the Warren Line, however, the Warren name ended decades ago. The Halliwell name appeared for the first time with Allen Halliwell. Allen married Penelope Johnson and she took his last name. Allen and Penny had one child together, Patricia Halliwell. Unfortunately, Allen died several years later leaving Penelope widowed. Despite her future marriages, she never changed her name from Halliwell.

From the time her daughter Patricia was a young girl, Penelope told her that if she were to ever marry, she should keep her last name of Halliwell. Patricia stayed true to her mother and her own beliefs, and kept the name Halliwell after her marriage to Victor Bennett and gave the last name Halliwell to her first three children, PrudencePiper, and Phoebe Halliwell. Her fourth and final child, Paige Matthews is the only exception to this tradition as she was adopted out of the family after her birth. After Penelope and Patricia's respective deaths, the Halliwell line continued with Patricia's four daughters.

Prudence, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell were raised by their Grandmother Penelope Halliwell in Patricia's childhood home of the Halliwell Manor. Throughout their childhood life the existence of magic was hidden from them by Penelope in an attempt to protect them. Eventually, they each moved out of the Manor and into their own homes. After Penelope fell sick with a heart condition, Prudence and Piper moved back to the manor and helped Penelope until her death in 1999. Shortly after Penelope's death, Phoebe left for New York in search of her father, Victor Bennett. In the midst of her search, she met and fell in love with Clay Muniz. The two conceived a son together, Pyper Muniz-Halliwell, and wouldn't meet his mother or gain his powers until many years later. After Pip's birth, Phoebe left New York due to having no job and in debt. She left Pip with Clay and moved back into the Manor with her sisters, which lead to the discovery of them being  witches and earning their powers. The three sisters then became the Charmed Ones and entered a three-year journey of fighting demons and evil beings together. During this time, Piper found love in her Whitelighter Leo Wyatt, and the two married. Phoebe also found love in a Half-Demon named Cole Turner.

The sisters' battle ended after Prue was killed by the demon Shax, and seemingly ended the Charmed Ones. After Prue's death, Piper and Phoebe discovered the existence of Paige Matthews who intrigued them due to her hybrid status of being a witch who possessed the ability to orb. After summoning their Grandmother Penelope Halliwell and their mother Patricia Halliwell, they discovered a well-kept secret -- that they have a half-sister, the daughter of Patricia and her Whitelighter Sam Wilder, and the child is none other then Paige. Because of Paige's existence, the Power of Three still exists. Paige was adopted out of the family in an attempt to hide their daughter from the Elders and because of this Paige never knew about her family lineage. Piper and Phoebe tracked the girl down and told her the truth, but Paige initially didn't believe her sisters. However, she later came around and allowed them to tell her about her biological lineage. After a few months, Piper and Phoebe invited Paige to move into the Halliwell Manor with them so they could live together as both sisters and witches. Paige accepted, and moved into Prue's old room. Together, the three sisters began to fight evil and many demonic beings together for five more years.

Within this five years, Piper gave birth to her and Leo's three children, Wyatt, a Twice Blessed Child and Whitelighter-WitchChris, a Whitelighter-Witch and Melinda Halliwell, a Witch. Phoebe also became pregnant with her and Cole Turner's first child, however, she never birthed the child as she discovered it would also be the child of the Source of All Evil, and was forced to vanquish the Seer after she stole the baby. However, unbeknownst to anyone, the child (who was named Colvin) survived the vanquish and was transported into the womb of family friend, Jenny Gordon. She birthed Colvin and it was revealed that he became the Source, after a colleague aged him to an age where he could make own decisions. Phoebe vanquished Cole after divorcing him and later on fell in love with a Cupid named Coop. The two married and had three daughters, P.J.Parker and Brianna Halliwell. Paige married a mortal named Henry Mitchell and moved in with her new husband before giving birth to twin girls, Tamora and Kat Mitchell. Paige and Henry also adopted a third child, a boy, who they named Henry Mitchell Junior. Henry Jr. would later be given powers to fight evil along side his family.

In 2015, Pyper Muniz-Halliwell left his father and traveled to San Francisco, in search of his mother. He arrived on the doorstep of the Manor and meets his Aunt Piper Halliwell. She invited him into the Manor where he meets his Uncle Leo. Piper called Phoebe and when she arrives, she is embraced by her long-lost son. Unfortunately she has a premonition of the Dominus Trinus spell and some creature awakening. Its revealed that Pip is a witch and would receive powers, and would (in Blinded By The Grimlock) lead a trio of witches known as the Blessed Ones.

Family Members


Various Halliwell matriarchs (1)
  • Halliwell Matriarchs: These are the deceased women and men of the Halliwell line who have moved on to the spiritual plane. Most of them gather in the spiritual version of the Halliwell Manor in great times of need. They can be summoned using a few different spells (e.g. To Call the Halliwell Matriarchs), and are always present at a wiccaning.
    Charmed 6x11 003-0
  • Allen HalliwellAllen was a mortal born to two unnamed mortals in an unknown year. He married a young witch named Penelope Johnson in an unknown year, and the two had one child together, a daughter, who they named Patricia. They, along with Patty, became the leaders of a San Francisco hippie-witch coven, and hosted weekly meetings at the Halliwell Manor. Unfortunately, Allen was killed on January 13, 1967 in the Halliwell Manor. Allen is also the former Father-in-Law of Victor Bennett, Grandfather of Prudence, Piper and Phoebe Halliwell, and Paige Matthews, as well as the Great-Grandfather to the Next Generation.
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      Penelope Johnson: Penelope "Penny" was a witch of Warren descent born on June 23, 1937 to Pacifica Baxter and Gordon Johnson. She is also the sister of Gordon Johnson II, Granddaughter of Philippa and Redmond Baxter, and the mother of Patricia Halliwell. Penny met Allen Halliwell sometime in the late 40's to early 50's, and the two were married rather quickly, and Penny took her husband's last name. They had one child together, a daughter, who they named Patricia. They, along with Patty, became leaders of a San Francisco hippie-witch coven, and hosted weekly meetings in the Halliwell Manor. After her husband's death on January 13, 1967, Penny (with her daughter, Patty) became a demon-slayer and very dedicated to the craft. She also added heaps of spellspotions, and other entries to the Book of Shadows, remarried three times, was engaged five times (not including Allen), all while raising her daughter in the Halliwell Manor. After her daughter's death, Penny raised her granddaughters who were all under the age of ten, in the Halliwell Manor until they're adult lives. She ultimately died of a heart attack on March 5, 1998 in the Halliwell Manor. She is also the former mother-in-law of Victor Bennett, grandmother to Prudence HalliwellPiper HalliwellPhoebe Halliwell, and Paige Matthews, and great-grandmother to Pip Muniz-Halliwell, Colvin Turner-Gordon and the Next Generation. Penelope had the Warren power of Telekinesis
  • Finolahughes 07 3x4
    Patricia Halliwell: Patricia "Patty" was the only daughter of Allen Halliwell and Penelope Halliwell (nee Johnson), and is a descendant of the Warren Line of witches. Patty was born on April 5, 1950. In the sixties, Patty, along with her parents became the leaders of a San Francisco hippie-witch coven and hosted weekly meetings in the Halliwell Manor. After her father's death on January 13, 1967, Patty (with her mother, Penny) both began to once again vanquish demons and became very dedicated to the craft. Patty married Victor Bennett in an unknown year and had three daughters with him, Prudence Halliwell, Piper Halliwell, and Phoebe Halliwell. She also had a forbidden affair with her Whitelighter, Sam Wilder, which resulted in the birth and adoption of her fourth daughter, Paige Matthews, as well as her divorce from Victor Bennett. Patty later died on February 28, 1978 after being drowned by the Water Demon. Additionally, Patty is the grandmother of Pip Muniz-Halliwell, Colvin Turner-Gordon and the Next Generation. Patty had the Warren power of Molecular Immobilization.
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      Victor Bennett: Victor was born into the Bennett family, and may have had a "manic" sister, an alcoholic niece or nephew and an aunt named Sylvia. According to the family tree his birthday is actually February 16, 1949. Victor married Patricia Halliwell sometime before their first daughter Prudence was born in 1970. Patty's mother, Penny, was not pleased that her daughter had married a mortal. She had low expectations for men, especially mortal men. Sometime between the births of his first daughter, Prue, and his second daughter, Piper. Victor found out that his wife and mother-in-law were witches--and his daughters were witches as well. Victor attempted to adjust to his wife's Wiccan life with little success. He and Patty fought constantly over how to handle their daughters' magical heritage. Victor thought that magic was dangerous, and would hurt his girls. He wanted to raise them as normal girls, while Patty (with Penny's support) wanted to raise them as witches. It didn't help that he and Penny sparred constantly in a Bewitched-style, Darrin Stephens-Endora type relationship. Sometime after Piper was born, Patty started spending more time with her WhitelighterSam Wilder. Victor was increasingly frustrated with Sam's growing involvement in their lives and with magic in general, and left the family for a brief time in 1975. However, he returned after finding out Patty had given him a third daughter, Phoebe. Shortly afterward, Victor found out Patty and Sam were having an affair, and the two divorced sometime in 1977. Unknown to Victor, Patty was pregnant with a daughter by Sam, Paige Matthews. Victor was still around for his girls after Patty's death in February 1978. However, unable to deal with Penny's overbearing nature, he left for good after a demon attacked on the night of Piper's fifth birthday. Prue and Phoebe were seven and three at the time, respectively. After Victor left, Grams warned the girls that he was a threat to them. His daughters didn't hear from him again for twenty years. Victor suddenly reappeared in his daughters' lives in 1998, after they became witches and restored the relationship with them. Additionally he is the grandfather of Pip, Colvin, Wyatt, Chris, Melinda, P.J., Parker and Brianna Halliwell. He is also the paternal grandfather of Tamora and Kat Mitchell, and Henry Mitchell Junior.


  • Penelope's Ex-Husbands: Penelope's five ex-husbands were all members of the Halliwell family line through her. They were each married to her for an unknown period of time, but all of their relationships with her failed and they were ultimately divorced. It was revealed that Penelope's ex-best-friend, Eileen Welsh, cursed Penny so all of her relationships would fail.
  • Cole Turner: Cole was born to the demon Elizabeth Turner and the mortal Benjamin Turner in 1885. He was the human alter-ego to the now vanquished demon Belthazor, and the ex-husband of Phoebe Halliwell. He had a son with Phoebe during his time as the Source of All Evil, though the child supposedly died before being born after his power overwhelmed the Seer. However, the child was birthed by Jenny Gordon and became the New Source. In his lifetime, Cole had been a demonic soldier of fortune, a mortal, possessed by the Source of All Evil, an Avatar and a soul trapped between life and death.
  • Dex Lawson: Dex is a mortal man born to a mortal family in an unknown year. Little is known about him except that he is an artist, and owned his own art gallery which he frequently showed to buyers. After Phoebe Halliwell faked her death in 2005, Dex met Phoebe's alter-ego and disguise, Julie Bennett. The two quickly had an attraction, but due to Billie Jenkins' spell back-firing, the two got married. The couple didn't really remember getting married, but agreed to try and see if things could work. Phoebe, who had decided to return to her "normal" life, revealed her true identity and the existence of magic to Dex, who fainted. Their relationship was put on hold for a while until Phoebe thought she was pregnant with his child, however, the test proved it to be negative. The two annulled their marriage soon after and went their separate ways.

Related Families

  • The Warren Line: The Warren Line are the ancestors of the Halliwell family via Penelope Halliwell.
  • Johnson Family: Penelope Halliwell's birth family and direct relatives of the Halliwell family.
  • Bennett Family: The Bennett family are related to the Halliwell line via Victor Bennett, who is the ex-husband of Patricia Halliwell and the father of PrudencePiper, and Phoebe Halliwell. He is also a grandfather to the future generations of Halliwell's.
  • Wilder Family: The Wilder family are related to the Halliwell line in a very distinct way. Sam Wilder, a Whitelighter, had an affair with his charge Patricia Halliwell which resulted in the birth of Paige Matthews. However, their daughter was given up for adoption. Sam is the biological grandfather of Paige and her husband Henry's children, Tamora and Kat Mitchell, as well as the adoptive grandfather of Henry Mitchell Junior.
  • Wyatt Family: The Wyatt family are related to the Halliwell line via Leo Wyatt, who is the husband of Piper Halliwell and the father of WyattChris and Melinda Halliwell.
  • Matthews Family: The Matthews family are not related by blood to the Halliwell line, but they are considered family. The Matthews are the family that adopted Paige Matthews after Patty and Sam were forced to give her up for adoption. They are the adoptive family to Paige and Henry's children.
  • Mitchell Family: The Mitchell family are not related by blood to the Halliwell line, but they are considered family. The Mitchell are the family that adopted Henry Mitchell, who is the husband of Paige Matthews. They are the adoptive family to Paige and Henry's children.
  • Muniz Family: The Muniz family are related by blood to the Halliwell line via Pip Muniz-Halliwell.
  • Coop's Family: Coop's family is related to the Halliwell line by blood via Coop, who is the husband of Phoebe Halliwell and the father P.J., Parker and Brianna Halliwell.
  • Turner Family: The Turner family are related by blood to the Halliwell line via Colvin Turner-Gordon.
  • Gordon Family: The Gordon family are not related by blood to the Halliwell line, but they are considered family. When the Seer was vanquished by the Charmed Ones in 2002, the Heir she consumed from Phoebe Halliwell was transported into the womb of Jenny Gordon. Jenny died birthing Colvin and he was raised by Dan and William Gordon.

Notable Allies

The Halliwell family are allies with a number of good magical beings and even some humans. Below is a list of their most notable allies. Please note that not all are listed, and not all should be listed.

  • Billie Jenkins (off/on)
  • Losers' Club's Families (most likely to be expanded)

Notable Enemies





The Halliwell Family owns a decent amount of items, both magical and non-magical. List is to be expanded.

  • Family Tree: This family tree contains a semi-complete list of the members in the Warren family line. It also contains a portion of the Halliwell Family line, starting with Allen Halliwell. The family tree has been shown to have a quite a few errors, but this could be due to a loss of communication between family members. It is currently in the possession of the Halliwell family.
  • Book of Shadows: The Warren Book of Shadows is the best known artifact in the Halliwell family's possession. It contains information on a variety of species, magical beingspotionsspells, and more. It is often coveted by evil beings. The book was originally a tome of the Warren Line, however, it has become a Halliwell tome since Penelope Halliwell joined the family line. Presently, the book resides in the attic of the Halliwell Manor, where every magical member of the Halliwell family, as well as any one they grant access to can visit and read it whenever they want to.
  • The Grimoire: The Grimoire can be seen as an evil counterpart to the Halliwell Book of Shadows. The book itself is a large brown covered tome adorned with a demonic symbol in an inverted pentagram on the front cover. The pages are black in color and are said to be blackened by the book's evil. Its spells and incantations are written in Latin. The Charmed Ones used their strongest potions to attempt to destroy it, though it protected itself much like their Book of Shadows. But in 2015, Pip Muniz-Halliwell was able to cast a simple spell to allow Good to protect the Grimoire forever. Though how he was able to could be because he had temporarily absorbed the souls of the Warren witches (dead and alive).
  • Spirit Board: The spirit board has been in the Halliwell family for many generations. It can be used to contact deceased ancestors and receive guidance from them. A number of living Halliwell's have used this board to contact people in other rooms, or get a message through to someone else who is also alive. For example, Paige Matthews once sent Billie Jenkins a message on the board that spelled out D-o-l-l-h-o-u-s-e, to inform her that she and her sisters were trapped in the dollhouse version of the Halliwell Manor. Deceased people can also contact those who are alive; seen when Penelope Halliwell once sent Beverly Carson and Eddie Kresington a message on the board to inform where Eileen, the Hex Witch was located. The board also has the infamous inscription, "The power of three will set you free" engraved on the back by Patricia Halliwell.
  • The Grandfather Clock: This clock is a very old family heirloom of the Halliwell family that has been owned and passed down through many generations of the family. While it's main purpose is to tell time, the clock has often been used in magical fights as well. Due to it's large design and sturdy structure, it has often been used as a weapon when fighting against supernatural foes. Additionally, the clock has been accidentally destroyed numerous times throughout the decades after being caught in the middle of supernatural conflicts. It often sits in the foyer, where it is noticeable within seconds of arriving at the Halliwell Manor.
  • The Chandelier: The chandelier is a beautiful glass chandelier with little lamps around a number of lightbulbs. The chandelier has been in the Halliwell Manor since it was first built, and currently hangs in the sitting room. The chandelier glows when the Power of Three stand under or above it as a family. It is also capable of emitting a blue shield and light capable of protecting everyone within the light. In 2015, the chandelier emitted a red light when Pip Muniz-Halliwell (the first Blessed One of the trio) received his powers.
  • The Grand Piano: The grand piano is a large brown piano with a pair of carved designs on the upper panel. The piano is also very old (like the Grandfather Clock) and has been owned and passed down through generations of the family. Gordon Johnson is presumed to have been the original owner of the piano as he would always play the piano with his band at his wife's speakeasy in the twenties. While it's main purpose is to be a musical instrument used to play music, it has often been see in magical fights as well. The piano has also been accidentally destroyed numerous times throughout the decades after being caught in the middle of supernatural conflicts and magical misfire. The piano often sits in the parlor but has also been seen in the living room several times.
  • Doll House: This dollhouse was made by Penelope Halliwell and was an exact miniature replica of the Halliwell Manor. Penelope created the dollhouse when her granddaughters, PrudencePiper and Phoebe were all children. Although, at the time, Piper assumed Penelope had made it herself, but she really did it through magic. Wyatt Halliwell once played with the Manor, which is where he once came up with the idea to trap his parents in it. Additionally, the sisters have been trapped in the dollhouse together on a few occasions. Unfortunately, the dollhouse was ultimately destroyed when Piper blew it up in order to kill Pilar, Patra, and Phoenix who were trapped inside.


  • Halliwell Manor: The Halliwell Manor that has been in the Halliwell Family for a number of generations, but was built and originally lived in by the Warren Line. It is a Victorian style manor located at 1329 Prescott StreetSan Francisco. The original structure was built in 1898, but after an earthquake destroyed this house it was rebuilt in 1906. The first generation to live in the house was Gordon Johnson and his wife, Pacifica Baxter. The Halliwell Manor was built on a Spiritual Nexus and has been the seat of power for since their awakening in 1998. It is also the home of the Charmed Ones and Halliwell family.
  • P3: P3 is the name of a successful nightclub in San Francisco that was originally owned by Piper HalliwellPhoebe Halliwell, and Prudence Halliwell in 1999, and later Paige Matthews in 2001.  The club was named after the Power of Three, in honor of Piper and her sisters. Over the years the club has been ran by Piper, it went through several ups and downs, though it was generally a popular and successful nightclub and at times the only source of income for the sisters. Various magical and demonic events took and still take place at P3 and it is a regular hangout for the Halliwell family.
  • Halliwell-Coop Condo: Halliwell-Coop Condo in the name of the condo that Phoebe Halliwell moved into in the year 2006. After Phoebe realized that she needed to find a place of her own outside of her family. She moved out of the Manor and into the apartment. It is a large beautiful apartment in an old building with a lovely view. After their marriage, Coop moved in with Phoebe and they lived there with their daughters, P.J., Parker and Brianna. In 2015, Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt decided that Phoebe and Coop should switch with them and live in the Manor, so Pip could live with his mother and not his aunt and uncle; to which they agreed. The Elders then switched all of their belongings between the two locations, while Piper, Leo, Phoebe and Coop handled all of their life stuff that would deal with the address switch.
  • Matthews-Mitchell House: Matthews-Mitchell House is the name of the house that Paige Matthews and her husband Henry Mitchell live in, with their three children, Tamora, Kat and Henry Junior. Not much is known about this house except for that Paige began living at the house after she moved out of the Halliwell Manor. The kitchen was seen in "The Sins of the Parents" when Pip came over in the morning before school, to visit and converse with his Aunt Paige.
  • Halliwell Memorial Museum: The Halliwell Memorial Museum is the name given to a memorial that is located in Halliwell Manor in an alternate future where Wyatt Halliwell had turned evil and ruled San Francisco. He claimed to have created the museum as a tribute to and reminder of the power that he came from. After the dark-future was eradicated, the museum technically never existed.

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