Jackson Robert Scott.

Jackson Robert Scott portrays Georgie Reynolds, the younger brother of Bill Reynolds, in Matt's Charmed Spinoff, Blessed. Jackson is best known for his role as Georgie Denbrough, in the 2017 version of Stephen King's It. The character of Georgie Reynolds is the same as the character of Georgie Denbrough, due to crossing of Blessed and It.

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Jackson Robert Scott is best known for his breakthrough role in the 2017 remake of Stephen King's It as the iconic character Georgie. Following his groundbreaking appearance in It. Scott went on to land a series regular role in the pilot Locke and Key also directed by It director Andy Muchietti. The talented young actor has previous credits as a guest star in the hit CBS TV series Criminal Minds and AMC's sci-fi horror Fear the Walking Dead. Fans can look out for Jackson starring in a lead role in the upcoming Orion Pictures/MGM Nicholas McCarthy thriller alongside Taylor Schilling.


  • He speaks Mandarin Chinese.
  • He

enjoys playing soccer, baseball and his Cub Scout troupe.

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