Here you'll find a list of all Characters from Blessed:

Note: This list will be expanded as characters are introduced in the series OR if they're mentioned but not set to appear for awhile.

A -

Airport Intercom Speaker in 1x01

Alexandra van Lewen (mentioned)

Allen Halliwell

Allison Michaels (mentioned)

Alvin Carson

Amy Winehouse (mentioned)

Andy Trudeau

Assistant Nurse in 1x01

Aviva (mentioned)

B -

Belch Higgins

Ben Hartman

Bethany Fadden (best friend of Greta Brewer)

Beverly Carson

Bill Reynolds

Brianna Halliwell

Brittany Reynolds

C -

Carolyn Seldon (mentioned)

Chris Halliwell

Clay Muniz

Cole Turner (flashback)

Colton (Kennedy Elementary student)

Colvin Turner-Gordon

Coop Halliwell


D -

Dan Gordon (flashback)

Dark Priest in 1x03 (flashback)

Darryl Morris (flashback)

Dave (owner of Dave's MiniMart)

Demon in 1x03


Doctor in 1x01

Dreyl (low-level demon)

E -

Eddie Kresington

Eileen the Hex Witch


Extra Secret Service Agents in 1x06

F -

Female Demon in 1x05

Freshman in 1x03

G -

George Ezra

Georgie Reynolds

Girl in 1x05

Greta Brewer


Guardian of the Urn/Punisher of the Greedy

H -

Hannah (Elder)

Hannah Webster

Heida (low-level demon)

Henry Benson

Henry Mitchell

Henry Mitchell Junior

Homeless Man in 1x06

I -

Istaga (Elder)

It (creature)

J -

Jacqueline Kennedy 

Janor (Grimlock)

Jenny Gordon (flashback)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John Kresington

Jordin Sparks (guest star; P3 performer)

Juno (upper-level demon)

K -

Kat Mitchell

Kava (Grimlock)

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland's Assistant

Kit (flashback)

L -


Laarius' Demon Apprentice

Leo Wyatt

Lynda Carson

M -

Maggie Murphy (mentioned)

Melinda Halliwell

Michael Jackson (mentioned)

Mike Hunter

Minerva, the Oracle

Miss Hickock

Monica, George's Manager

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon (Jenny Gordon’s parents, mentioned)

N -

Nathan Oakley

O -

Odin (Elder)

Ohaju (Elder)

P -

P3 Waitress in 1x02

Paige Matthews

Parker Halliwell

Patricia Halliwell

Patrick Hutchinson

Patrick Swayze (mentioned)

Penelope Halliwell

Pennywise, the Dancing Clown (It)

Phoebe Halliwell

Piper Halliwell

Pip Muniz-Halliwell

P.J. Halliwell

President Conference Attendees in 1x06

Prudence Halliwell

Q -

R -

Rex Buckland

Richie Thompson

Roland (Elder)

S -

Sam Wilder

Sandra (Elder)

Secret Service Agent in 1x06

The Seer (flashback)

Shannon Smith

Sonia Kresington

Soundtester in 1x05

The Source of All Evil


Stanley Upright

Steven Tyler

Street Hippies in 1x06

T -

Tamora Mitchell

Taniyah (a charge of Paige Matthews)

Tanya Parker (mentioned)

The Blessed Ones

The Charmed Ones

The Warren Line

Twice Blessed Child

Twice Cursed Child

U -

Uber-Brute Demon in 1x06

V -

Vanessa Wethervy

Victor Cross

Victor Bennett


W -





Whitney Houston (mentioned)

William Gordon (flashback)


Wyatt Halliwell

Y -

Z -

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