Prudence Melinda Halliwell was created by Brad Kern for the hit tv-series Charmed. However, all traits in Blessed belong to Matt.
Melinda Halliwell


Biographical information
Physical description
Name: Prudence Melinda "Mel" Halliwell
Born: April 7, 2007
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Caucasian
Status: Alive
Magic and Powers
  • Witch
Basic Powers:
Active Powers:

Molecular Immobilization

Inactive Powers:
  • Good
Portrayed by: Emily Kelavos
Seasons: 1
First seen: Daddy's Home
Last seen: N/A

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Melinda Halliwell is the youngest child and only daughter of Piper Halliwell and Leo Wyatt, and is the younger sister of Wyatt and Chris Halliwell. She is named after her powerful ancestor Melinda Warren who began the Charmed legacy.

Unlike her brothers, she is a not a hybrid and she does not share her father's Whitelighter genes. So far in the series, it is unknown which main Warren power she possesses. Additionally, Melinda possesses the basic powers of a witch; such as Spell CastingPotion MakingScrying for lost objects or people and Mediumship. Furthermore, it's unknown if she and her brothers will one day inherit the Power of Three, the collective power of the Charmed Ones.

Melinda is a member of the Halliwell and Warren Family.


Early Life

Pre-Birth and Birth

Throughout Blessed

Powers and Abilities

Basic Powers

Active Powers


Professional Life

Physical Appearance

Melinda has long blonde hair that flows just under her shoulders.

Her eyes are the color of blue.


Season 1

Notes and Trivia

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