Potion Making
Power Information
Effects: Brewing magical potions with various effects
Alignment: Neutral
Category: Basic Power
Potion Making was created by Brad Kern for the hit tv-series Charmed. However, all traits in Blessed belong to Matt.

Potion Making is the power to brew potions with magical properties. It is one of the basic powers possessed by witches and warlocks, as well as several other magical beings, including practitioners. Only those who possess magical power will be able to brew potions with magical properties, as potions created by mortals will not be infused with magic.

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List of Users


Notable Individuals

Notes and Trivia

  • Rose McGowan was said to have a terrible aim while throwing the potion vials.
  • Due to her cookery skills, Piper Halliwell is well known for her potion making talent, once being dubbed "the potions master" by Phoebe HalliwellPaige Matthews also complimented her skills, saying that she learned her potion making skills from the best (Piper). This suggests that the practice of brewing potions is similar to the culinary arts.
  • Leo Wyatt once made a smoke bomb in a similar manner to brewing potions.
  • Eddie Kresington is best in chemisty and science; this could be a prediction that he could possibly be the Blessed One who will have the best potion making skills.
    • This comes from the fact that he has made his magical charm to shield his magic from being detected by other magical beings and demons.


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