Power Information
Effects: To move objects not in visual range with the mind
Trigger: Anger
Alignment: Neutral
Category: Active Power
Psychokinesis was created by Brad Kern for the hit tv-series Charmed. However, all traits in Blessed belong to Matt.

Psychokinesis is the magical ability to move objects that are not in visual range with the mind. It can be used to move objects over large distances and even affect complex machinery whose inner workings are foreign to the user, such as alarm systems. Some users go in a trance-like state when using this power, while others can simply close their eyes and move the desired object or person. Eddie Kresington is more advanced with the power as he can just close his eyes and move any object, just as if he had Telekinesis.


  • Eddie used this power on Piper Halliwell. He closed his eyes and moved a chair to her, made her sit and then slid her away from Andy, Bev, and himself. He did this so she couldn't jump on board when they orbed away.

List of Users

  • Max Franklin
  • Paulette Franklin
  • Vaklav
  • Jeremy Burns
  • Sargon


  • This ability is very similar to Telekinesis and is often mistaken for it. However, it is a separate power.


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