Power Information
Effects: Shows the location of any living magical or possessed being or object
Trigger: Guide a crystal over a map
Alignment: Neutral
Category: Basic Power
Scrying was created by Brad Kern for the hit tv-series Charmed. However, all traits in Blessed belong to Matt.

Scrying is the magical ability to find a person or an object through the use of a crystal and a map. It is one of the four basic abilities possessed by witches and warlocks. However, Leo Wyatt had used this power when he was an Elder.


All one has to do is hold the crystal pendant over a map of the area where it is thought the lost person or object will be. The more violent and vigorous the swing of the pendant, the closer you are to the object on the map coordinates, like a "warm or cold" method of looking for something i.e. the more vigorous the swings the "warmer" one is. The pendant will eventually pinpoint the exact location of the object or person by pulling down on to a spot on the map after a certain amount of time.

For a scry to pinpoint the exact location of something, usually an item of that person or demon is needed, such as clothes or blood. Piper Halliwell once used the eyes of a snake to scry for Saleel, a reptile demon, so it is assumed that the object can also be related to the thing you are scrying for. Scrying is one of the four basic powers a witch/warlock has. Elders can also use this power.

Amethyst is said to work best as the most powerful scrying substance. (This is probably taken from the real life idea that amethyst is a substance that can heavily augment one's psychic abilities, or, in this case, magical abilities.)

Alternate Methods

List of Users

Book of Shadows

  • Scrying For Something Lost
  • Scrying For Other Objects



  • Warlocks cannot be found via scrying, unless they possess a power stolen from a witch.
  • Billie Jenkins once developed a new way of scrying, with a larger crystal and a laptop. She then introduced it to the sisters. but was unable to teach them because of the Ultimate Battle (and finding her sister.)
  • In Charmed's early seasons of scrying (2, 3, 4 and 5), a magnet was put under the map and the point of the crystal was magnetized. The actors had to lower the crystal at a certain point and it would land on the area the magnet was put under. The magnets weren't used after these seasons, causing the crystal to drop and slide over the map sometimes (most noticeably in season 8).


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