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A spell in the Book of Shadows.

spell or charm is a set of words that when spoken invoke some magical effect. Spells are sometimes called 'incantations' or 'enchantments'.

In order to be effective, spells must be performed by a magical being. To this end, a spell recited by a mortal will not work. Whilst spells require to be spoken they can also be performed non-verbally. Reading a spell backwards correctly can reverse the effects. Certain spells have their own reversal spell.

Spells that create negative magical effects, that harm others, are called curses. These spells are difficult and should not be taken lightly.

Spell Casting

The ability to cast spells is called spell casting. Few magical beings such as witchesdemonsWhitelighters, and warlocks are born with this ability and consider it to be a basic ability with which they are born.

A witch who lost her powers is still able to cast spells. Only when they are bound may she find that she's unable to cast any spells.

List of Spells

A complete, alphabetical list of all the spells in Blessed can be found by clicking a season below to visit a list, showing an overview of what spell was used in which episode and who cast it.

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