The Blessed Ones were created by Matt for Blessed, a Spin-Off of the 'WB' hit television series Charmed.

The Blessed Ones are a friendship of three witches who descend from different families. They are assumed to be more powerful than the Charmed Ones, and are dedicated to protecting innocents and ridding the world of evil.

Each Blessed One has one specific power. A prophecy also foretold that a boy born from the scorned love of a witch and a mortal would be given power to protect the world. Though really this could ring true for each Blessed One, as all three were born from scorned love.

The magical bond between these friends is known as The Blessed Power of Three, and is said to be the strongest form of magic in the world, even stronger than The Power of Three. It is represented by the ancient symbol called the Triquetra, but this triquetra is knotted differently than the Charmed Ones'.

Known Blessed Ones

Pip Muniz-Halliwell -- Son of Phoebe Halliwell (a Charmed One) and Clay Muniz (a mortal), he is said to be the most powerful Blessed One. As of the moment, he has the power of Premonition.

Eddie Kresington - Son of John Kresington (a witch) and Sonia Kresington (a mortal), he is equally powerful as his fellow Blessed One, Beverly Carson. As of the moment, he has the powers of Psychokinesis and X-Ray Vision.

Beverly Carson -- Daughter of a Lynda Carson (a witch) and Alvin Carson (a mortal), she is equally powerful as her fellow Blessed One, Eddie Kresington. As of the moment, she has the power of Pyrokinesis.

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