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Wiccans Envied
Episode information
Season 01, Episode 07
Written by: Matt

Tim McCree (Rex and Hannah Chronicles Content)

Episode Plot Written by: Matt
Directed by: Matt
Episode Chronology
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Saving Mr. 35th President
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Speeches and Brain-Hungry Students...Don't Mix!
Main Cast:

Wiccans Envied is the seventh episode of Season 1 written by Matt and episode number 185 between both series Charmed and Blessed. This is a one-hour timed episode.

This episode crosses the Blessed universe with Rex and Hannah Chronicles universe created by Tim McCree. All traits of Rex and Hannah in the R&H Chronicles were created by Tim.


The Script

To read the script for this episode, please go here: here


Cast list is to be expanded as episode is posted.

Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Guest Stars

Magical Notes

Book of Shadows



Magical Beings

Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster

It (Creature)

Powers and Abilities

In order of appearance ~ powers won't be listed twice






San Francisco

Magical Locations 


  • Silence - Marshmello ft. Khalid (Opening theme)
  • Rhythm of the Rain - The Cascades (Aerial shots of San Francisco)

Notes and Trivia 

  • This episode brings back the main IT antagonist, It (mostly known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown).
  • This episode is a crossover with the Rex and Hannah Chronicles by Tim McCree.
  • Time has passed by a few months within the past episodes, it's October of 2015.
    • Matt, the author, estimates that it will be about two or three more episodes until the series' timeline enters into January of 2016.
  • This episode contains many IT references.
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