Wyatt Oleff.

Wyatt Oleff portrays Stanley Upright, one of the eight members of The Losers' Club, in Matt's Charmed Spinoff, Blessed. Wyatt is best known for his role as Stanley Uris, in the 2017 version of Stephen King's It. The character of Stanley Uris is the same as the character of Stanley Uris, due to crossing of Blessed and It.

His IMDb can be found here: here


Early Life

Oleff was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Doug and Jennifer Oleff, living there for the first seven years of his life. He then moved to Los Angeles with his parents and began acting. One of his earliest acting roles was in a commercial for Coldwell Banker.


  • His parents are Doug and Jennifer Oleff. They are the owners of CHALK Preschools which they originally founded in Bloomington, Illinois in 2005.
  • He has an an older brother named Eli.
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